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Lead Generation: 5 Essential practical reports ready to use now.

Increase business productivity and profitabilityHit the ground running in 2014. Load up your leads funnel today. Discover how to grow your business. Use these tremendous and timeless tips and tactics to increase your contact capability and boost your income with these simple and easy to use reports.

Event change: 123 reasons to discuss business.

One of the more inventive ways of prospecting is by identifying event changes in people’s lives. We have identified 123 event changes. This will give you an opportunity to talk about the products, services and reviews you can provide to those experiencing these changes. Which event changes can trigger your capacity to contact these prospects?

83 Reasons to contact people.

There are many reasons for sales people to contact prospects. They can be newsworthy, service oriented, proactive, transactional, defensive, educational or introductory. These are simple every day events you can capitalise on to get appointments. Discover how to leverage these opportunities that are all around you.

How to profile your ideal client: Know who you are looking for.

Rather than just taking any or every prospect successful people in sales have an idea of their ideal client. To have a clear idea in your own mind of whom you wish to deal with can be a powerful factor in your success. So what does your ideal client look like? Learn how to profile your ideal client. When you know what you are looking for it is much easier to find!

The ultimate lead generation checklist

There are many and varied ways to generate leads and attract prospects to you about what you can do to HELP people. Unless you have a system that delivers you a regular and reliable supply of names to deliver your offer to you will go broke. Discover these simple and easy to use methods to attract and source leads.

Referrals planning: The clever way to generate leads

Look for a range of people who can refer these ideal clients to you, not just one source. Which occupations would you like to deal with who can refer to you? Give consideration to the words you use when you ask for referrals. How many referral sources can you handle?

Normally $22.00 each you can download all 5 of these killer reports en masse for just $49.00 today GST inc. Download your 5 Essential practical reports ready to use now here.

Plus purchase in the next 30 days and you can have a complimentary copy of our book "A Practical Guide To The Sale Of Advice Profession" normally valued at $39.00 at no cost.

Jim Prigg Director KnowledgeMasterJim Prigg MD of Knowledgemaster says "Save $$$$'s. Save time. Learn faster with Knowledgemaster about the critically important capabilities of prospecting, marketing, getting appointments, closing, sales and soft skills".

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