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Sell a Financial Business

Selling a business

Discover the secrets of selling a FP business, where you can direct the outcome,
you want to achieve, rather than the have market or financiers set the parameters.

Financial businesses for sale

FP businesses for sale

Looking to access financial businesses for sale. Check out our latest listings here.

Financial planning business wanted

FP businesses wanted

If you are a vendor, KMI can connect you directly with potential acquirers. No
commissions. No success fees. We have registered buyers in all states of Australia
looking to acquire.

Friends of Knowledgemaster

Friends of KMI

KnowledgeMaster works with and promotes the offers and opportunities of its
supporters and friends. Discover who our friends are.

Recruiting advisers

Are you an AFSL wanting to recruit advisers?

Place your message with us to reach potential advisers.

Building brand awareness

Building brand awareness

Promote the benefits and advantages of your organisation through KMI press releases.

Buy or sell an AFSL

Want to buy or sell an AFSL?

Use our community connections to get your message out or KMI can connect you with cashed up willing buyers.