Allow me to introduce you to Duane Potter

Allow me to introduce you to Duane Potter. I was able to help Duane and his team in sales and soft skills some years ago. He ran a top line advisory business for large national AFSL.

That AFSL changed the rules abruptly. This left Duane with a completely different business model. I will let him tell you how he overcame these changes and disadvantages in his own words.

Duane has been through some really challenging times as a business owner and financial planner. He has been able to turn adversity into advantage. This has given him the strength, understanding and tools to help businesses that are going through similar situations.

How can Duane help you and your business?

  • Sales Target Success
    Developing existing/new teams to achieve targets (not just the sales team), Ensuring a quick turnaround for businesses that are not achieving targets.
  • Special Project Delivery
    Implementing new CRM, getting the most out of existing CRM, purchase/sale of register, implementing a process for continual improvement with processes, helping businesses that have a legal issue or are being audited by licensee/regulator, project prioritisation, stand in for business owners if they are facing health/relationship issues to make sure they are profitable through their challenging situation, setting up of profitable pricing, setup of non-financial/financial KPI’s.
  • Change Management
    Developing a healthy culture, merging 2 teams due to sale/purchase, and bringing stability to a group while there is a change in ownership/management.
  • People and Culture
    Attract and retain the right people, helping businesses manage challenging team members so that they are no longer a challenge.
  • Monthly Management Meeting
    Set up and manage a monthly board process that keeps the business on track and accountable to achieve their desired outcomes.
  • I have been through some really challenging times which has given me tools to help businesses that are going through similar situations.

Duane can help business owners get through challenging times.  This will help enable them to maintain their personal health and family relationships and hopefully become stronger.

I invite you to make contact with Duane for an initial discussion to see if he can help you.  Call him today on 0411 121 661 or drop him a line at

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