Are you are looking to buy a Financial Planning business?

There are some very good reasons to consider acquiring a FP business now.

  1. There are some very good businesses coming on the market at present. These businesses are well managed, profitable and with excellent communications initiatives to the client base
  2. The fallout from the FASEA fiasco means many competent advisors will be forced to exit the business. You have seen the extraordinary figures details on the decline in numbers. With times of great change also come times of great opportunity
  3. The mass exodus after the Hayne royal commission has abated. Many of those exiting financial planning merely had a database rather than a business to sell.
  4. The rising issue of Industrial advice provided by industry super funds compared to professional personal advice means that many people are only hearing a minimalist story from the large and powerful industry funds
  5. Many people will have a real need for specific advice to their situation both now and in the future. This means that they will need to align themselves with an advisor that has access to all strand of financial planning
  6. Financial planning has a real need to provide jurisdictions such as: Aged Care. SMSF’s. Shares. Property Acquisition. Estate Creation, Planning and Preservation. Business Insurance. Lifestyle Balance
  7. Clients looking to access this advice need to go somewhere, either now or in the future. Existing client/databases can be a rich source of future business to acquire now for the future.

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