Are you looking at retiring in the next few years?

Will you meet the education standards starting 2026? Then read on to what could be a great solution for you.

A successful Gold Coast FP group is looking to acquire a book of business in SE QLD, Far North NSW or Australia wide if can be worked remotely.

A merger with another FP would be contemplated.

This vendor is highly experienced with extra capacity to service and maintain FP and Risk operations.

They are looking at an acquisition model over a 3 or 4 year period with 50% up front and the balance in equal tranches over the balance of the time frame and would consider retaining the current owner.

This is an attractive model for those looking to retire, not having to do the “FASEA” exam, but wanting security with an understanding acquirer.

Income would be made up of risk and financial planning, The acquirer provides holistic advice. They will consider all types of fee payments by clients.

The numbers of clients would range from 50 up to 300.

Client bases made up of PAYG, Professionals, Rural businesses, Retirees, Accumulators, Mums & Dads, Tradies, Farmers and SMSF’s will be most welcome.

Insurance product providers from the following will be considered:

TAL AIA Onepath Zurich Comminsure PPS Mutual
Colonial MLC Asteron BT Macquarie AMP/AXA heritage

Records storage systems such as. XPlan. Adviser Logic and modern In the cloud are most welcome.

Platforms preferred are: North, Hub 24, Netwealth & Macquarie BT.

FUM required up to  $50 million is permissible.

The multiple of the annual income to be considered  is up to 3.1 times for risk  and 2.75 x investment/super but, has to have the right cultural fit.

The acquirer will consider up to $700,000 or 50% of the total value of the business, up front and the balance over a period of up to 5 years.

The business will consider allowing the vendor to receive the income from the business of the balance of 50% over that time frame before complete acquisition is completed.

Employment options for the vendor if they wish to remain to remain.

The buyer is willing to talk attractive terms for the purchase with an upfront investment, reasonable handover protocols and standard run off provisions.

Finance ready to go for the right partner.

For more information and a prompt introduction please call Jim Prigg on 0408 520 453 or