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Call Jim Prigg on 0408 520 453 or email for a confidential discussion.

    Looking to Acquire a Financial Planning Business?

    KnowledgeMaster International (KMI) can help you to attract potential business acquisitions. Upload an outline of what you are looking for with us.

    Download your free “buy a business” drafts

    Just simply cut and paste your own version and return to KnowledgeMaster for finessing.

    This draft will help you describe important characteristics such as:

    • Location
    • Annual turnover required
    • Client types/professions
    • Client age ranges
    • Product types

    • Payment terms/times
    • Multiples of the turnover to be considered
    • Amount payable up front by your
    • Finance approved for acquisition.

    Let our community know what you are looking for. With 5,600+ people in our national community (database) and 9,100+ connectives on LinkedIn we can share your message to the people who may be considering selling.