Can our industry media do a better job and differentiate themselves from the crowd at the same time?

By Warren Gibson

I am seeing and reading a lot of articles; opinion pieces, regulatory updates and promotional advertorials that, whilst delivery relevant information on a wide range of issues, may be missing the mark.

It should be a key objective to inform advisers on a lot more than regulatory issues.

For example, what about cutting through on new products and services, opportunities in asset classes that have not been mainstream but offer different returns and risk profiles.

And while we’re at it plain speakable English wins every time over jargon and acronyms. A good writer will put themselves in the readers shoes to ensure they have explained what is clear in their mind.

Every communication has a beginning, a middle and an end. And social media needs to be different. Being brief in structure highlights the need for clarity and conciseness.

In relation to the trade media the daily grind of same/same stories is wearying. The content is either regulatory, technical or paid ‘sponsored’ content, interspersed with occasional pieces on executive personnel movements, mergers and bannings.

There are people working to improve the industry and outcomes for investors with product and service innovation that deserve attention. Our media should be prepared to shine a light on them too.

Warren Gibson is a marketing expert who has spent 40 years helping businesses involved in the “sale of advice” to tell their story to a range of audiences, cultural and socio-economic groups. He can be contacted on 0412 171 606 or