Communications with Knowledgemaster International (KMI)

What type of content does KMI promote to its community?

  • Buying a FP business
  • Selling a FP business
  • Buying a data base
  • Selling a data base
  • Sales and soft skills
  • Corporate announcements/promotions

  • Recruitment
  • Breaking news
  • Employment opportunities
  • Corporate appointments
  • Buying or selling an AFSL
  • Regular “How To” Content

How does KMI circulate its messages on behalf of its clients, readers and followers?

  • Uploaded to our website
  • Uploaded to our LinkedIn connectives of 7,000+
  • Included in our monthly newsletters to our 8,000+ community
  • Included in our special newsflash connectives to our community
  • As a special stand-alone newsflash to our community. This means you own the eyeballs exclusively for that edition.

What type of person is in the KMI community?

Financial Planners

Mortgage brokers

Authorised representatives

Para planners

Business Development managers


General Insurance brokers

Employee advisors

Product manufacturer representatives

CEO’s of AFSL’s

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