Why you should consider selling your business now

What would be your choice of relaxing enjoyment?

  • Local or overseas travel
  • Movies, the theatre or art exhibitions
  • Seeing more of your friends, family, children/grandchildren
  • Golfing, Yachting, Boating, Tennis, Fishing, Camping or Gardening
  • Supporting your favourite charity
  • A fresh start
  • Just sitting in the sun

If you are:

  • Sick of the compliance grind
  • Absolutely over extra educational requirements
  • Weary of continual product updates and tweaks
  • Working for a pittance on support issues for clients
  • Frustrated with platforms, underwriters or red tape
  • Tired of all the changes bureaucrats and politicians impose on you

Then take this simple step today.

Sell your business NOW. Yes, now.

Are you looking for:

  • Reasonable multiples
  • Secure upfront payments
  • Sensible terms/times for exiting
  • Potential lucrative referrals arrangements for new business acquisition.

Why should you consider selling your business now?

  1. Multiples have really firmed.
  2. It is a seller’s market at present.
  3. KM is not a business agent. That means we don’t charge commissions or success fees. So, more $$$$’s stay in your pocket.
  4. Knowledgemaster (KM) has eager, cashed up and experienced buyers registered in all states keen to acquire financial planning businesses, just like yours.

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