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David Powell

David Powell is an international life skills mentor, author, and executive facilitator. He is the founder of The Golden Thread and the Life Journey Skills program. 

Born in the UK, David gained a first-class honours degree in chemical engineering from Edinburgh University and then worked in the resources and IT industries for 24 years. Realising that his passion lay in empowering people, he became a business skills trainer, facilitator, and mentor. Over almost three decades, David has helped individuals and teams in hundreds of organizations, across thirty countries and five continents to improve their lives and business performance.

After finishing university, David spent a year driving a Land Rover overland from the UK to Australia and became fascinated with the different belief systems, religions and cultures that he encountered. These travels were the genesis for his lifelong research into religion, gnostic wisdom and psychology to discover how to best empower people. The result is his unique ability to synthesise scientific principles and the ancient wisdom that sits behind all religions to inspire the whole person – body, mind, emotions and spirit.

In his online Life Journey Skills online course, David teaches essential life skills that empower people to thrive at life, relationships, career and business.

David Powell