Did you realise there is a very healthy interest for people looking to acquire businesses in risk and FP, right now?

Why is this so?

  1. Younger and cashed up, astute advisers are taking a long term approach to having a ready bank of clients that they can cross-sell other services, products and concepts to in the future
  2. Panic selling, post Haynes, has evaporated. Good businesses with potential and regular income streams are in demand now
  3. In our Knowledgemaster newsletters there is very a healthy number of clicks and serious inquiry on potential opportunities for acquisitions we share
  4. Any business for sale, uploaded to our website, receives immediate and ongoing attention for those not in our community who are surfing for opportunities.

In a recent marketing initiative for a seller in VIC we notified our registered buyers in that state (over 100). We received a large number of requests to obtain more information about the business from us. After filtration of potential acquirers for the vendor, we referred 8 interested parties. They had the finance. They understood what the Vendor was prepared to consider as a fair price. They are now in negotiations. And that was before we promoted it in our national newsletter!

So if you are thinking of leaving the profession for whatever reason, now or in the future, Knowledgemaster has a simple and easy to use facility to help bring buyers and sellers together for you.

With Knowledgemaster there are No commissions, No success fees and No contracts. Just a simple flat investment for 12 months for our client centric facility.

Why not create your own marketing document version from the complimentary drafts (attached)?

Just cut and paste what is applicable to you and return to me for a bit of polishing. No cost.

Let’s see what we can uncover for you.

Please give me a call on 0408 520 453 or drop me a line anyway, won’t you?

Best wishes

Jim Prigg