DomaCom Fund grows with social value

DomaCom Australia’s FUM continues to grow as investors see value in social housing, particularly NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) accommodation.

With the addition of 40 NDIS properties across Australia, the DomaCom Fund’s FUM has grown to $114m.

NDIS is the government’s generously subsidised housing program for the disabled and is attracting significant attention from a cohort of investors wanting some part of their portfolio to have some direct social value.

DomaCom’s fractional investment model accommodates this investment through a syndicated structure enabling investors to diversify across multiple properties in different locations from as little as $1,000.

The interest has been led by ASR Wealth Advisers who recognise the income opportunities from this property sector where returns of 8% to 14% are achievable.

Annual funding for NDIS services including housing is around $24b and waiting times for approval to a home are typically 1 to 2 years, there is a lengthy waiting list for disability housing so demand is strong into the future.

ASRW Head of Property, Khaled El-Katateny says of the strategy, “Our mission was to create an investment opportunity that fits within the ESG realm. These days, more investors are conscious of the effect their investments have. We have managed to create a product here that our clients can be proud of, whilst achieving above market returns. Utilising the fractional model has the added benefit of spreading investment risk by providing diversification and passive income for our clients, whilst opening up a variety of other opportunities, not usually available to retail investors.”

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