DomaCom offering at call Cash rate of 2.73% p.a.

With Australia’s official cash rate heading higher it’s timely for DomaCom to remind investors, advisers and shareholders that we offer a very attractive rate through our Retail Cash Pool. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) this month increased the key cash rate for the fifth consecutive month as Aussies battle with inflationary pressures and look for investment options.

DomaCom’s Cash Pool highlights

The Cash Pool
The cash pool is available online to individuals, joint accounts, SMSF’s (corporate or individual trustees) and Family Trusts up to $250,000 with a corporate trustee who open an account with DomaCom.

The Cash Pool rate
2.73% (net of fees) this is a variable rate and subject to change.

The Cash Pool benefits

  • The Retail Cash Pool is held in an interest-bearing account with the ANZ Bank
  • Funds can be withdrawn at 24 hours notice to your bank account
  • Funds can be transferred to the Cash Pool account and earn an attractive cash rate
  • Clients can leave their funds indefinitely in cash or look to invest in one of the exciting DomaCom campaigns

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About DomaCom

DomaCom Limited (ASX:DCL) is the operator of an innovative managed investments platform for a wide range of assets across wholesale and retail markets. The platform offers investors and financial advisers easy access, reporting and transparency with comparatively lower minimum investments and competitive fees. Investments on the platform can include a range of unique assets from agriculture, energy, securities, commercial and residential property.

As a leader in the Australian financial sector, DomaCom has a reputation for innovative structures and making portfolio diversification a reality for investors.

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Ross Laidlaw
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