Financial Services. Opportunity for Sellers.

A NSW based Financial Advice Firm wishes to take advantage of current opportunities offered by vendors of risk practices/databases. They are keen to acquire operating practices and work with the owners to maintain and increase income.

The objective is to allow advisors the ability to continue to work with their client bases as relationship managers, but not have to be an AR.

This means that on agreeing on a suitable transfer timetable the advisor has the capacity to retain their relationship with their existing clients.

Because the profession of financial planning is so highly regulated now, it has made it even more difficult and restrictive to comply with a myriad of legal, educational and commercial obligations. Is it any wonder that long standing professionals have been forced to exit the profession?

With an understanding of what is required to succeed, this professional acquirer wants to talk to people thinking of or being forced out of risk or financial planning to have an initial discussion about their future.

As the number of advisers continues to rise that have not passed the FASEA exam, there is a real need for them to discuss what they want to do, how their clients will be treated and if in fact there is an opportunity to continue to earn an income, isn’t there?

Key Points

An innovative company with a unique approach to servicing existing insurance databases/businesses is looking to acquire suitable risk practices nationally.

  • The company provides clients with a range of insurance products: Life, General or Health.
  • We have been working exclusively with other professionals (Financial Advisers, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, General Insurance Brokers) to generate new business.
  • The team consist of professionals with specialist knowledge in Life, General and Health insurance.
  • The company is actively looking to bring on new Advisers/Brokers (people who do not want to/cannot provide advice) as BDM’s who would like to receive ongoing benefits from their book as well as the ability to still deal with their clients.
  • We have a custom-built CRM to manage our compliance requirements and client interactions. This has given me the opportunity to grow quickly.

Please contact Jim Prigg on 0408 520 453 or by the form below for an introduction.