Helpful Ideas when looking to uncover potential buyers.

Discover how to find opportunities about your business disposal with these helpful suggestions.

Talk to BDM’s of product manufacturers. BDM’s cover a lot of places and are constantly communicating with those looking to acquire

Ask other advisors in your AFSL. There may be advisors in your dealer group looking to acquire. Meet with them at PD days, conferences or industry get togethers to subtly ascertain if there is any interest in an acquisition.

Ask the management of your AFSL. Your AFSL management want to retain advisors and the income they generate. They are very keen to retain existing numbers and income

Talk to associates and friends who have sold in recent times. Many acquirers make multiple purchases of practices. Find out who the buyers are and gain an introduction or referral to them form someone who has had a successful experience.

Talk to advisors with their own AFSL. Many smaller AFSL’s are looking to acquire. They understand the need to fill their work load with more clients

Talk to advisors who may have been with or are still attached to bank affiliated dealer groups. These people are being pushed into the commercial; world of having to have a client base to generate immediate income. They cannot wait to grow their business organically. They need cashflow quickly.

Talk with us at Knowledgemaster. We have over 300 people and organisations registered with us looking to acquire suitable businesses now. Is there a compatible match we can connect you with?