How are you servicing your C & D Risk clients today?

But first, which do you prefer red wine or chocolates?

Why? Because for the festive season we want to give you either a bottle of red wine or some chocolates when you have a chat with us about your C and D risk clients. No obligation. Just a discussion where you tell us what is going to happen with these discarded, neglected or unserviced clients, and we will see if we can help you. See below where to register.

Are new industry regulations making it difficult for you to service all your C&D life insurance clients or to continue operating?

Please, don’t abandon them just yet! With escalating compliance and servicing costs, have you given a thought on how to effectively serve your

C & D clients, or are they beginning to become neglected due to fees?

Life Insurance Direct has developed a robust servicing and technology solution that will ensure your clients are professionally serviced, without the headache that accompanies rapidly shifting expectations of consumers with the compliance resources to do so effectively.

Choice of two fair value options – Outright Acquisition or Partnering.

With over 15 years of specialist Risk experience, Life Insurance Direct can help you ensure your clients receive the highest level of care, reduce the worry of compliance and servicing risks with a larger support team for your clients.

Advantages of the Life Insurance Direct management of C & D risk clients

  • You can offload your non-profitable clients (C&D) to be professionally serviced, capitalise on your historical hard work while still collecting an ongoing income or receive fair risk book value now with no long waiting periods.
  • Servicing is done under another AFSL. This means your costs and risks are reduced, while you still have the option of retaining ownership of your clients.
  • You do not need to stay in the industry. As the servicing is done under our AFSL, if you are looking to leave the industry you can still keep an income from these clients.
  • Full Service offering . e.g.
  • Retentions – late payment follow ups, cancelled or altered credit cards and premium queries (decreases and increases).
  • Servicing – Renewal notices, annual reviews for change in circumstances, support through the claims process.
  • Admin – beneficiary change, update payment details, and certificate of currency details.
  • Unique industry leading technology – making the client process more informative, transparent and easy to understand.

Benefits of Life Insurance Direct servicing C & D risk clients.

  • Clients are professionally cared for at every stage.
  • Your income is sustained.
  • Digitally empower your client journey with interactive tools and media.
  • The relationship is maintained.
  • Risk Clients being well managed through the entire policy life cycle, means improved retention rates.

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