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    KnowledgeMaster (KMI) supports advisors, AFSL’s, professionals and listed ASX companies with their promotion and advertising needs. We do not charge success fees or commissions, just a simple fixed fee model for an agreed time frame. This means you know exactly what you are paying for over a measurable time span.

    What is our KMI community composed of?

    1. KMI community of nearly 9,000. This is composed of financial planners/advisors, insurance advisers, general insurance brokers, accountants, mortgage brokers, AFSL managers and product providers.
    2. KMI LinkedIn national community of 6,400+.
    3. A list of real connections, decision makers, people looking to buy & sell and influencers.

    1. Interactive website for those who are not on our data base but who search for specific businesses, content, topics and opportunities.
    2. Our data base is regularly cleaned, reviewed and updated.
    3. We have over 300 people nationally registered with us looking to buy NOW.

    What are the KnowledgeMaster (KMI) Connections?

    KnowledgeMaster has range of connectives to our vast national community and the wider “sale of advice” profession.

    • The monthly KnowledgeMaster Newsletter. This carries a wide range of offers, announcements, introductions and merchandising
    • Special Buy Newsletter. Where we reach buyers regularly and reliably with opportunities and offers
    • Special Sell Newsletters. Where we reach out on behalf of sellers to keep you abreast of what is happening in the market on a national basis

    • Stand-alone information email bursts where your message(s) are the only ones to reach our community in that specific initiative. Best used for specific launches, client centred knowledge release and response-based campaigns.
    • Special uploads to our LinkedIn community.
    • Uploads to our Website. This is for specially created for surfers not on our data base.
    • Direct contact with registered buyers.

    How our "Sell your Business" introduction service works for you.

    • This introduction service is designed to deliver your message to a range of potential buyers and interested parties.
    • Sellers control the negotiating process at their own pace and requirements.
    • Your offer is circulated to our constituency for up to 12 months
    • Your confidentiality is maintained until the introduction phase
    • The KnowledgeMaster team help you create the attraction article for the website and to our newsletters with free drafts, subject to your final approval.
    • KnowledgeMaster International P/L does not take commissions or success fees from any sales that may eventuate from either the vendor or purchaser.
    • KnowledgeMaster International P/L takes no responsibility for any outcomes or non-outcomes of negotiations between vendors and purchasers or their agents and advisers.
    • Potential purchasers and vendors conduct their own due diligence at their own pace, cost and level of satisfaction.

    What are the advantages of utilising the KMI suite of connectives?

    • Clean database
    • Direct to the audience you wish to access on a national basis
    • Simple to implement
    • Fast and efficient connectivity with a regular and reliable delivery service
    • Discreet and Confidential
    • Flat fee, with NO Commissions and NO success fees.
    • Professionally presented
    • Modern CRM system
    • No agreements to sign

    Services provided

    Free drafts to help produce the attraction article for the KnowledgeMaster newsletter and website Yes
    Monthly entry in our national newsletter, KnowledgeMaster News Yes
    Initial filtering of interested parties to your attraction article Yes
    Linkage and uploaded to the KnowledgeMaster website Yes
    Duration to supply services 12 months
    Investment $4,950 p.a. GST inc. Paid upfront
    Direct EFT payment Yes
    Are there any commissions paid on a successful sale? No
    Are there any fees or commissions paid on unsuccessful negotiations? No
    Upload to LinkedIn. Automatically included in first month. Quarterly thereafter. Yes
    Promotion in special bi-monthly Buy/Sell initiatives. Yes
    Stock Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Yes. Included
    Preferential notification of potential purchasers before the advertisement is inserted in our newsletters. Yes
    Any contracts or agreements to sign? No
    Interview time and consultative support if required. $330 per hour GST inc.

    This introduction service is designed to deliver your message to a range of willing buyers rather than relying on the conventional (commission based) business agency model.

    Our business had heard of Knowledgemaster from industry colleagues and other advisers. Dealing with Jim was an absolute breeze and I found him to be very attentive in his correspondence and outstanding in being able to connect us to so many prospects. One of the best investments we have made, and we’ll be utilising the service again.

    Chris ZegersSenior financial adviser and partner at Keystonewealth Sydney