How to maintain and keep in touch with your client base even if you are no longer an AR.

With the demands of the FASEA exam, escalating cost of doing business and increased compliance and complexity, many advisors are considering whether to continue in their present role as an AR.

But what of that special relationship you have created with your clients? What to do?

An adviser with 25 working years left and a love of the industry is looking to grow his business through working with advisers who are looking to or considering leaving the industry via a planned staged and measured exit at a rate that suits you.

What do you say to these questions?

  • Do you want to increase/maintain the value of your business?
  • Could you stop being an adviser but continue to help your clients by being a client service manager instead for a professionally managed group?
  • Would you still like to receive most of your business income without the need to get a degree or have to pass FASEA (don’t want to leave the industry, don’t want all the hassle of being a licensed adviser)?
  • Do you like what you are doing and want to continue what you’re doing?
  • Do you want to transition from full time to choose your own hours of work and possibly continue for years to come?
  • Do you want to take an income from your business for years after finishing in your present role, receive a percentage of your business income for 5, 8, 10, 12 years or longer?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then simply complete the attached checklist to begin the journey to discover how you can have your income, maintain your client base (income stream) and add value to your business as well.

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Leave behind the education requirements. You will no longer need to do continued education points, worry about a degree, attend PD days, hold an AR or pass FASEA. You will only be required to support and assist your clients.

Do you wish you no longer have to produce SOA’s, ROA’s or any advice documents? Just simply meet with your advice partner, brief them, or take them to a meeting to ensure they are aware of the clients’ needs & wants, maintain a hand in the advice process to guide it without the administrative burden.

Maximise the value of your business by taking a higher multiple over a slightly longer period whilst still being part of the business, without all the hassle of running a business or maintaining your AR status. Wouldn’t you liked to enjoy the best bits of the work?

This is a genuine opportunity for advisors looking to examine your options in the financial planning profession whilst retaining a relationship with your client base.

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