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Jim Prigg

Master Sales Coach

With 40 plus years’ experience in the financial services industry, Jim Prigg is one of the most highly respected sales professionals in Australia today. His superpower is coaching salespeople to achieve outstanding results – fast!

Jim has consulted to a wide range of individual practitioners and corporate clients in the financial services and advisory industry. His success is built on a range of highly effective “pull” techniques that are proven to outperform the traditional “push” sales approach.

In his interactive workshops, Jim provides clients with the key skills and essential strategies they need to consistently ‘close the sale’. His facilitation style is practical and hands-on. He loves nothing more than seeing participants leave with the confidence and knowledge they need to significantly improve sales results – so that they can better serve their clients.

Jim has worked with organisations such as: Sentry, Banyan, Hejaz, Clearview, TAL, ANZIIF, CBA, LifeInsuranceDirect, AIOFP and Suncorp.

Jim believes that selling is a process and that salespeople simply need to be disciplined, understand the process and have the courage to ask for the business. His philosophy is that people buy solutions not products, and providing a solution is the key differentiator for a successful salesperson.

Jim’s knowledge of the fundamental skills required by salespeople in the financial services profession is unique in Australia. His tried and tested techniques and strategies are timeless – because they work!

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