Joel Ronchi Newsletter July 2024

The ASIC Financial Adviser Exam is again open for bookings (from 1st July to 19th July) for those people who want to sit the exam on 8th August.

Who still needs to sit the exam?

The answer is anyone who is considering a career as a financial adviser.

With the changes implemented by ASIC on 22nd January 2024, our exam prep course is now perfect for:

  • Anyone interested in taking their first step towards a career as a Financial Advisers – this could include Compliance Officers, CSOs, Paraplanners, Associate Planners etc
  • “Existing Advisers” looking to re-enter the industry because they can avail of the 10 Years Experienced Pathway to meet their higher education requirements.
  • “Existing Advisers” who voluntarily removed themselves from the FAR so they are still eligible to sit the ASIC Financial Adviser Exam and rejoin the industry.
  • Professional Year Candidates who are preparing to commence Quarter 3 of their PY and need to complete the exam before doing so.

What is the key to passing the exam?

At myIntegrity, we have helped almost 2,000 Financial Advisers, Stockbrokers, Licensed Accountants, and other finance industry professional prepare for and pass the exam. The key to success, based on their feedback, is well-structured, coherent preparation supported by practice exam questions.

Over the last 3 years, myIntegrity has developed the signature “3 Pillars of Preparation” approach to sitting the exam which includes:

  • Knowledge – know the core content and be prepared to learn; not as an expert that is forever reading, but enough to be to apply the knowledge in practice.
  • Practice – daily practice of reflection to reinforce the knowledge learned. This includes continually questioning the information, examining it, seeing how it applies to hypothetical scenarios, and what it prompts you to think.  The idea is to proactively interrogate information so it becomes learned knowledge.
  • Mindset – control, persistence, & focus; know what is within your control & what is not.  Research insights and be mentally prepared for any obstacle or hurdles that may unexpectedly arise.

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How long should you spend preparing for the exam?

The simple answer is about 4-6 weeks, with study time of between 5-10 hours per week depending on your base knowledge. These numbers are based on feedback from the nearly 2,000 students who have undertaken our course.

myIntegrity’ s ASIC Exam Preparation Masterclass is designed to help Financial Advisers, Stockbrokers, Licensed Accountants, and other advice professionals who are time-poor and overwhelmed “filter out” the noise and confusion regarding the Exam so they can focus on what’s important in a structured and coherent manner.

The aim is to provide peace of mind that any preparation they undertake will be worthwhile and not a waste of their time.

Insights and Feedback from March/June 2024 Exams

Some feedback about the ASIC Financial Adviser exam sittings so far in 2024 …

  • It was tough/intense but fair.”
  • “Similar case study scenarios to (myIntegrity) practice exam”. 
  • “Lots of stuff around the Code of Ethics – Standards & Values”.
  • “I had questions on Code of Ethics (including values), TASA, Privacy Act (quite a few actually), breach reporting, General Advice/Personal Advice, Conflicts (divorce situation)…”
  • “84 questions, mainly MCQs with some True/False thrown in.”
  • ” Examined areas included Best Interest Duty, Code of Ethics, Privacy, etc, with only a couple of questions on Biases.” 
  • “Nothing on TASA”. (NB: this doesn’t mean future exams won’t include questions on this area). 
  • “We had to use our judgement rather than specifically referring to any code/law.”

Important note:  this doesn’t mean the next exam will be structured the same. Also, different candidates may get different questions in the same exam sitting, so the experience noted above may vary across candidates.

If you want to learn more about myIntegrity’s Masterclass program or discuss your financial advice career pathway options, please feel free to reach out to me anytime:

Joel Ronchi

Principal Consultant, myIntegrity in Practice   |  0408 056 679 

** Special Offer:  For all readers of this newsletter, myIntegrity is offering a 33% Discount on the Masterclass program when you use the Coupon Code “myip24” and enrol online at