Multi-family office enters financial services

Represented by McAlistair Capital, a large family office is seeking to partner with financial services businesses.

Two reputable Sydney-based families are seeking to capture the unique opportunities presented in the industry.

“Ultimately, we see upward pressure of Financial Services valuations spurred by the growing adviser shortage. Our objective is to acquire and grow a nation-wide Adviser footprint over the next 5 years with quality advice practices to capture this opportunity.”

What the client are looking to achieve

  1. Partnership – They are seeking to become equity partners in scalable advice businesses through which we will deploy funding for further acquisitions.
  2. Growth – Our aim is to acquire into a select few advisers in each state and scale each to between 5- 10M recurring revenue
  3. Acquisition resources – a dedicated acquisition team will made available to manage each adviser’s
    acquisitions strategy
  4. Funding – our adviser partners can access both equity and debt capital directly from the family’s
    balance sheet
  5. Generous commercial structure and exit – given the increasing adviser shortage we place significant value on quality advisers

The clients’ values

  • Conservatism – Capital preservation is the foundation of our investment portfolio and we prefer our adviser to share this value
  • Autonomy – regarding the day-to-operations this is a silent partnership
  • Support – our adviser partners can access both growth and operational resources

Who the client are looking to partner with

  • Advisers with a commitment to compliance
  • Growth-minded advisers who have the desire and capacity for growth
  • Ability to manage and integrate a growing team of staff
  • Demonstrated history of building and managing client’s trust

Preferred acquisition target

  1. 200k – 5M recurring revenue
  2. Super and Investment – sophisticated investors preferred
  3. Valuation range 2.5x – 3.5x recurring revenue

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Interest closing 28 February 2024


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