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Looking to exit the world of FP?

A successful carriage-trade one-stop-shop financial planning group in Victoria is seeking expressions of interest from financial planning groups/ businesses looking to exit the profession with the following type of attributes:

  • High nett worth clients with FUM in excess of $1,000,000
  • High nett worth clients with incomes of $150K+ p.a.
  • Have their own SMSF
  • Already have investments in Property or would like to invest in Property
  • Age range from 35-55
  • Clients wishing or need to implement intergenerational estate planning
  • Looking to have access to or need MDA facilities
  • Businesses with FUM of $200m plus

The group have their own AFSL and an MDA facility. Finance is no problem. They are prepared to offer top multiples for the right businesses.

Subject to due diligence being OK, they are able to offer reasonable payment protocols and terms in relation to time for acquisition and percentages paid up front.

Consideration would be given to existing staff, office rental, records transfer and client notification requirements for suitable acquisitions.

This group is eager to bed down suitable acquisitions straight away. They can provide immediate due diligence and are willing to talk with genuine vendors.

For more information please call Jim Prigg on 0408 520453 or