Planned Succession Businesses Wanted in Melbourne

A successful Melbourne FP/Licensee group is looking to offer succession planning solutions for Melbourne practices considering exiting the market in the years to come. This vendor is highly experienced with extra capacity to service and maintain FP, Risk and mortgage broking operations.

They are actively exploring opportunities to acquire financial planning practices in Melbourne that are looking to exit the industry through a planned succession process over a 1- 3 year period.

This phased approach will enable the two entities to gradually merge as one over the specified period so that the client experience is seamless.

As part of the exit strategy, the group are able to extend the following advantages to the vendor:

  • Reduced licensee fees as they are self-licensed
  • Complimentary access to office space in the lively South Yarra area
  • Full support from our in-house paraplanners and administrative team

Minimum revenue sought is $150k plus.

Client bases composing of PAYG, Professionals, Accumulators, Mums & Dads, Tradies, SMSF’s, Retirees are of interest.

All insurance and platform providers are sought as the APL is extensive as they are self-licenced.

Records storage systems preferred are XPlan.

The acquirer will consider attractive terms for the right cultural fit, however this will be subject to discussion with the vendor regarding a succession plan.

For more information and a prompt introduction please call Jim Prigg on 0408 520 453 or