Questions to ask when selling your FP business


Before considering the disposal option, ascertain if it is worthwhile by understanding the reasons why people would want to acquire your business.

Consider if the business has the following attributes that may attract a suitable acquirer.

  • Is it geographical compatible? Businesses in proximity can be a very astute buy for the acquirer
  • Is it in the price range the acquirer can afford? Some acquirers will have low ball appetites for acquisitions
  • Has the potential acquirer access to funding? Make sure that a potential acquirer has access to finance
  • Beware of the “subject to finance” offer. This means the financier sets the terms of the multiples, up front percentage and in some cases the term of the contract
  • Is the potential acquirer able to self-fund? At the smaller end of the market acquirers can self-fund rather than go to commercial lenders
  • What is the right cultural fit for a potential acquirer? Are your clients of similar characteristics to what the acquirer may be looking for?
  • Can the client base be communicated with using Zoom etc. Modern technology means many client bases can be worked utilising these new technologies
  • Have you ascertained the multiple you want to ask for the business? If you can set the purchase criteria, then you will most likely gain a higher price than letting the acquirer make offers or have their financiers set the terms
  • How much up front (%) do you require in the event of a sale? Know the amount you want “up front” as well as the multiples of turnover and let potential acquirers know these numbers at the onset.