Sales Mastery Wisdom Modules

David Powell

Here are the first modules of Your SalesMastery Wisdom series. Each of these has a short helpful video where Jim and David mine down to the essentials for you. Please tell us which ones would be of value for you.

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    Sales Mastery Wisdom – Overview

    Jim and David explain how the Sales Mastery Wisdom toolkit of videos and worksheets can help anyone on their road to achieving sales mastery and consistent outstanding sales performance in any market or industry.

    How to build rapport

    Jim and David share how to build rapport in the sales process. Building rapport is like building an intangible bridge between two people. It is intuitive and emotional. Being able to build and retain rapport in a business sense can make or break you and your organisation.  These suggestions and skills enhancements will help you to build rapport with confidence and certainty.

    The fundamentals of handling objections – Part 1

    Discovering how to handle objections and resistance is part of the sales process. Just as you need to be able to find potential clients, gain appointments, give simple advice, ask the right questions, explain concepts, close the deal, render ongoing service and retain clients – so you will need to be able to handle objections to survive and thrive.

    The fundamentals of handling objections – Part 2

    If you can master techniques on how to overcome, circumvent, dismiss or ignore objections you will be eminently better off than if you shy away from skills enhancement. Discover how to improve your odds of conversion to appointments and eventually to sales. In every interview, there is always a sale made. Either the prospect bought your offer or you bought their excuse or objection not to see you or buy from you.

    Improving sales connectivity using potent hinge words

    Discover with Jim and David how potent hinge words can improve your client and prospect connectivity for communicating ideas and concepts and even adding impetus to your offers and presentations. Learn how the way we describe things using hinge words can have a dramatic effect on whether people buy from us or accept our offers. By learning how to inject positivity into your speech, using hinge words, you can improve your connectivity and salesresults dramatically.

    Improving your speaking voice on the phone

    Modern selling and communication means we spend so much more of our time “on the phone”. So we have a special speaking voice. Speaking for a living in the selling profession requires discipline and practice. A voice that puts people off can absolutely wreck your online presentation and sink your returns from telephoning. Learn how David and Jim can improve your speaking voice for sales mastery.

    Overcoming call reluctance

    Those involved in the selling profession inevitably fall at some time in their career into what is called a sales slump. This can also be associated with call reluctance. Sometimes they are separate challenges, sometimes they are intertwined. A sales slump can be brought on by many things, but the causes of call reluctance can be analysed and defeated. Learn how David and Jim can help you put this sales demon into perspective.

    How to get appointments on the phone

    In contacting someone for an appointment about your idea, product or service, consider what you are trying to achieve. Jim and David share these simple and easy to use tactics to be able to improve your chances of getting that critically important appointment. Before you launch into phoning any prospective client, discover some of the important tasks that need to be attended to first.

    I’m really too busy to see you now

    Is this an objection, a form of procrastination or just an excuse not to become engaged. The apparent finality of this objection can be a real roadblock to achieving appointments and sales. David and Jim share how to put your offer into your prospect’s decision-making agenda above the other things that are competing for their time, interest or money.

    What is your Completion Plan?

    People check that the product offer is correct, compliance is OK and the technical aspects of the offer are in place. But they fail to have their own Completion Plan. In other words, what will they do to complete the sale process? David and Jim share practical tips and tactics to help you set up your own completion plan to increase your chances of success.

    I already have a supplier of your services

    Being compared against a competitor that is already embedded in a prospect’s company or on the preferred supplier list can be a roadblock. Being assessed as a competitor, invites people to use the ambiguous objection that their problem is solved, simply because they already have a supplier of your service, products or ideas. Discover with Jim and David show how to check how strong that current supplier relationship is. In other words, how can you gain an opportunity to show your experience and expertise and a foothold in the prospect’s consciousness initially.

    Golden rules for better responses to your offers

    Creating both hard and electronic copy for presentations is part of being a salesperson. This can be information for marketing campaigns, sales letters, advertisements, online content, surveys, blogs and face to face presentations. David and Jim share some of the timeless and simple rules to add zing to your writing, sting to your offers and realistic help in getting more people to take your advice or saying yes to your pitches for appointments.

    My prospect has gone cold. What do I do?

    You have given the presentation of your life. After weeks of communicating, you think your hot-to-trot prospect is ready to rock and roll. Then, there is an eerie silence, a situation of incommunicado emerges and a weird world of non-connectivity. What has happened? Why do buyers go cold? Jim and David share with you the tips and techniques to reopen dialogue.