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    Want to Sell Your Financial Planning Business?

    KnowledgeMaster International (KMI) can help YOU to sell your financial planning business. We provide a simple introduction facility between potential purchasers and vendors.

    KMI helps you to build your own attractive marketing document article by providing you with some simple drafts describing what type of business you have for sale. Simply use these drafts as a cut and paste option which we will help you finesse.

    Download your free “sell a business” draft

    This covers such criteria as:

    • Geographic area
    • Type of business
    • Change over requirements
    • Multiples of income the purchaser is considering

    • Run-off responsibilities
    • Payment options
    • Time frames
    • Future obligations of the vendor required by the purchaser

    Simply cut and paste your first draft and return to KnowledgeMaster for finessing. Thank you.

    This refined marketing document is then circulated to our national community (database) of 5,600+ in our regular newsletters (including registered businesses already looking to acquire) and to our LinkedIn connectives (9,100+). The approved article is carried as a “click on” title in our monthly newsletters.

    KMI does not receive any commissions or success fees from intending vendors. We operate under a simple fee to advertise your opportunity to our community regularly, reliably, and discreetly. Read how we help you and the investment here.

    KMI provides online registration facilities with a secure payment gateway for you to pay in advance or you can pay us directly on invoice.

    With an end-to-end promotion facility your opportunity gets to the right people. This includes inclusion in our newsletters, uploads to our website, promotion to our LinkedIn community and direct referral to our national registered buyers.

    There are no contracts to sign. We support you for up to 12 months. Your identity is not disclosed in the marketing document.