The CEO of the AIOFP, Peter Johnston, reports on the Dec 2023 Canberra Conference.

The recent November 29th 3 day conference in Canberra demonstrated to the AIOFP Board that the Advice community is finally moving away from the ‘Zoom culture’ and embracing the need to get out of the office and share time and information with like – minded people.

It also confirmed that conducting an event during a Parliamentary sitting week leading into a re-election cycle is the best time to get a Politicians attention.

The member numbers attending the event are back to the historic highs pre COVID and the 50% exodus from the industry – a very pleasing endorsement from members and the wider market that the AIOFP Board is delivering positive outcomes to its members.

Minister Jones spoke eloquently about his vision for our industry and ALP National President/former Treasurer Wayne Swan was entertaining with his at times feisty speech. Despite the content of the Ministers QAR related speech 6 days later we think there will be further announcements early in the new year that will modify these circumstances.

We believe 2024 will be a ‘consolidation year’ where members will finally emerge from the last 10 years of uncertainty, distress and distrust of Government/Canberra bureaucracy into an era where new clients will be plentiful and the current compliance regime amended to sensible outcomes.

During the 2022 AGM boutique members requested that the AIOFP Board deliver a cost effective CEP platform in competition to the current dominate player that favours the larger Groups with preferential pricing and refuses to deal with Associations. We are pleased to advise members that the AIOFP has entered into a joint venture with the Financial Standard/ASPIRE CPD program that delivers a more than comparable product with a substantial discount to boutique Advisory groups.

Also announced at the conference is the restructure of the Certified Financial Strategist [CFS] designation program into 2 participation categories where members can either receive new client opportunities from Corporate/Superannuation clients or just carry the designation if they qualify.

The next Conference will be held in Vientiane with an extension to Valetta during late May/early June 2024.


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