Thinking of making the transition from Personal Advice to General Advice?

Hear from one of the largest non-institutional General Advice Dealer groups in Australia on how to transition your business from Personal Advice to General Advice.

What is General Advice?

General Advice is an alternative option for risk writers of being able to continue to run their business without the constraints of extra educational requirements, overbearing workload and the ever-increasing costs of trying to make a Risk Insurance Transaction profitable.

It’s as simple as tweaking your current process whereby you are not making a recommendation but rather providing your client with factual product information for them to make an informed decision. For the simple, minimal changes to your model, you’ll receive the same remuneration as you do now, but at a fraction of the costs you currently incur.

The more Advisers who leave our industry means that more Australians are going to be financially uneducated and under insured.

No one wants that!

Who is this model for?

A General Advice model is for those Advisers who:

  • Operate in the Risk Insurance space
  • Have passed the exam but do not intend to complete the additional University requirements (whilst also trying to run their own business)
  • Do not wish to incur the higher costs in preparation of SOA’s and reduce the ever increasing workload.
  • Did not pass or do not wish to sit for the FASEA exam – remember the cut of date is less than 3 weeks away

The Advantages for You?

  1. Continue to enjoy your ongoing Monthly Trail and sell your business when you are ready – not pushed!
  2. Continue to maintain a relationship and provide a valuable service to your clients.
  3. You will not have to worry about FASEA exams nor future educational requirements – they are not applicable to the General Advice Model
  4. You are less at risk of possible AFCA complaints, as you are not providing personal advice or a recommendation– just factual information!
  5. As you will no longer be required to prepare a Fact Find or Statement of Advice, it’s as simple as keeping comprehensive clear file notes and following a simple process.
  6. Finally, you will receive the same commission as you do now but incur only a fraction of the costs

It is an excellent way to move forward, STAY in the industry and continue to look after your clients.

Sound too good to be true? Well, why not hear directly from a Financial Planner who’s recently transitioned to General Advice:
Tony Bice has been a Financial Planner for over 16 years. He has faced the same challenges that you’re all facing today i.e.
  • FASEA exams
  • Extra University requirements
  • Costly implementation of Fact Find’s and SOA’s etc, and finally
  • Costly compliance requirements, including KAPLAN training/exams
All of which culminated in a reduction in profit per transaction for him, not to mention all the stress!
As a result, Tony has transitioned to the General Advice model through Australian Advisory affiliated General Advice AFSLs, and has been able to:
  • Preserve his Trail Book
  • Continue to manage his clients
  • Dramatically reduce his running costs
  • Reduce his workload, and future educational requirements
  • Continue to grow his practice under a much more streamlined approach.

If you would like more information on how to make the transition and learn more about Tony’s story, please reply “YES” to or call 1300 PLANNING (1300 752 664).

Tony will also be doing an online webinar on the 14th and the 21st of September at 1am (EST), if you wish to attend, please use the “Register Now” link below to reserve your spot.

Online Webinar:

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