Tim Johnston – Responsible Manager

Tim is available for hire as a Responsible Manager for both existing and prospective Australian Financial Services Licences. (AFSL’s)

Tim has considerable experience with Australian financial services licencing. Tim is currently a Responsible Manager on two licences. Tim was heavily involved in the process of obtaining both licences.

Tim’s experience includes:

  • Equities
  • Crypto assets
  • Running managed investment schemes
  • Providing financial product advice to Wholesale Investors
  • Venture capital
  • Fund selection
  • Debt

He charges market rates for acting as a Responsible Manager from $3k to $5k per month GST inc., depending on the licence and financial services provided.

He co-founded Apollo Crypto, one of Australia’s leading crypto asset funds. Tim was instrumental in scaling Apollo from scratch to over $220m in AUM at its peak (currently around $100m). Please see Tim’s LinkedIn Profile for more information on Tim’s work experience.

Please contact Tim Johnston on 0401 324 961 or tim@voltaic.fund.