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Home Business wanted VIC FP business with clients in the age range of 33-55

VIC FP business with clients in the age range of 33-55

A Victorian financial planning organisation with their own AFSL is looking to acquire businesses/client bases with the following attributes:

  • Primarily Victorian or NSW based
  • Age range from 35-55
  • Professionals (such as doctors dentists, surgeons etc)
  • Used to fee for service custody and care
  • Interested in property investment,

Purchases in the range of $500,000 to $900,000 annual turnover are in the sweet spot. Considerations for top multiples for suitable partners/mergers are of immediate interest to the eager acquirer for intending vendors. Finance is no object to this group.

As they have their own AFSL, the acquirer can offer a wide range of modern services, opportunities and solutions for well trained clients.

Realistic multiples, generous change over protocols, existing staff tenure and client engagement facilities are available to the right fit after suitable due diligence has been effected. They are ready to start now.

If you have been thinking of disposing of your business or practice this is a real opportunity to engage with a willing cashed up acquirer ready to talk reasonable terms of engagement NOW.

For more information please call Jim Prigg on 0408 520453 or