Where’s the support for small/family businesses & the people of Australia?

Earlier this week we learned that Central Queensland Dairy Fresh, a 5 generation family owned & run dairy farming business, that has been in operation for 117 continuous years, are being forced to close their doors at the end of November 2023 due to lack of somewhere to send high quality milk in a country that is now a net importer of dairy products.

The owners of this business even approached LACTILIS (Pauls milk) to see if they’d collect their milk & reluctantly relinquish their own brand so they could still remain dairy farming. The milk tanker literally goes right past the farm gate, so this would in fact increase the viability of that run for them – to no avail.

If you’re wondering how classy big business is – the enquiry was answered by TEXT MESSAGE no less, advising that “we are not prepared to take you on as a supplier” then the company was stonewalled without any further correspondence.

Perfect dairy cows will now go to waste in our very own backyard, while a family is destroyed, products are imported & more of our money goes overseas!

‘Milko’s’ final message, excuse the understandable language …
“F big business & their seeming determination to screw the little guys & farmers. I will always encourage people to support the battlers & small businesses because they are what our country was built on & will die without.”

We totally agree!

Australians should be very concerned about what govt, international corporates & BIG business bullies are doing to this country. Any one of us could be next.

Being in finance, seeing the writing on the wall for many years has caused us to spend our money very differently to how we once used to. We’d love to see other Aussies do the same & support each other:

⚡ Keep your integrity – do the right thing by people
⚡ Buy authentically Australian made
⚡ Do business with Australian owned companies
⚡ Use Cash as much as possible
⚡ Use banks as little as possible
⚡ Give constructive feedback or boycott businesses who won’t accept cash
⚡ Shop at local stores & markets
⚡ Buy fresh produce (meat, dairy, fruit & veg) direct from family butchers & farmers
⚡ Volunteer / help others
⚡ Spread the word
⚡ Collaborate & stay connected
⚡ Push back on policies that don’t serve this country well

Together we are stronger – we are more capable & powerful than you may think. Our voice matters. Please don’t sell yourself short.

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